It rains on an average of 133 days of the year in the UK, so is it any wonder we have a problem with mud on our carpets.  We love our children and pets, but they are the biggest offenders when it comes to traipsing mud in from the outdoors.

We’ve all had that internal panic when you see fresh mud on the carpet and the urge to aggressively rub it all away, only to find that this actually makes matters much worse.

We have taken a look at all the best methods for removing mud from your carpets and here are our top three.


Washing-up liquid:

Yes, the good old washing-up liquid makes an appearance for this one. First of all, pick up all the large clumps of mud from the carpet.

Next, apply a mixture of baking powder and salt to the mud stain itself.  Allow this mixture to “sit” for a couple of hours to make sure all the moisture is soaked up from the stain.

Then get the hoover out and vacuum away the mixture.

Now mix a tablespoon of washing up liquid with two mugs of warm water and saturate the stain with this solution, using a clean cloth.

Take some white clean absorbent kitchen paper start blotting, do not rub, the excess liquid, repeating this process three or four times.

Finally, sponge the carpet with cold water and blot away, again using a paper towel and let the air dry, what should be now a mud free stain area.



This method is much quicker, in fact, it should only take about 15 minutes.

First of all, add half a cup of vinegar with a tablespoon of washing-up liquid and mix together.

Next using a brush, gently rub the solution into the mud stain, remember to still remove the larger lumps of mud debris before starting this process.

Rinse the area with cold water using a clean cloth or sponge.  Repeat this process until the stain has gone.

Finally, once the stain has been removed, dry the carpet with a clean towel.


Shop-bought products:

 If the homemade attempts don’t work for you, then you can always purchase a purpose-made stain remover for your carpet but be aware, these are full of chemicals and are expensive.

Not only that they can themselves cause damage to your carpets by bleaching them and make the stain look worse.


Hire a professional:

 If you simply don’t have time or don’t want to use shop-bought products on your carpets, but you want the stain removing properly and safely, then hire a professional carpet cleaner like XL Cleaners to remove the stain for you.


So why choose us:

Having been in the business of carpet cleaning in Liverpool for over 20 years we take great pride in the professional service we provide for all our customers in our community.

We use the Phoenix 570i which is the most powerful mobile cleaning unit available on the market, delivering consistently great results every time.

If that hasn’t convinced you, we offer a full money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with our services, we will come back and re-do the job, if you are still not happy.  You don’t pay a penny.

All our products are eco friendly and yes they still produce great results but with the added bonus of no harmful or toxic chemicals

Finally, we appreciate that people get busy, even in lockdown, and that is why we offer a flexible service and will come out to you not just during the week but weekends too at no extra charge.

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