Our carpets can take a battering over the years, being trapesed across, food and drink spilt on them, getting covered in dust and dirt.

Whether it is a carpet in your home or a workplace they can quickly become grubby looking.

A good vacuuming routine works, but it still not quite good enough. A DIY steam clean is an option tbut even this will not be enough to take care of the dirt lurking underneath.

To really get your carpets cleaned, looking and smelling like new again, a professional deep carpet clean is what is needed.

There are many benefits to having your carpets deep cleaned:

  1. Dust, dirt and allergens from carpets make their way into the air, thus causing respiratory, allergies and sinus troubles. A deep carpet clean will eliminate these meaning healthier family members or work staff.
  2. Dust mites are quite common, but because of their minute size, it’s impossible to know if you have an infestation. It is not the mites themselves that do harm, but their waste particles, which can aggravate allergies.  A regular deep clean will keep mite infestations at bay.
  3. Stains are common in both our homes and workplaces, a professional carpet cleaner will keep on top of this and reduce the stains and therefore prolonging the look and life of your carpets.

If you don’t have your carpets cleaned regularly they soon become dull and dirty. This will shorten the life span of the carpet. Meaning you need to replace it sooner and let’s face it, carpets can be expensive.  Here are just some signs your carpet is in need of a deep, whether this is in your home or a workspace:

  1. Stains

    These are usually caused by food and drink spillages; they can make a perfectly good carpet look unsightly.

  2. Odours

    These are caused by food and drink spillages that have not been cleaned up quickly enough, whether it’s the kids at home being the culprit or the employee eating lunch at their desks. Carpets will grow mould from food debris if not cleaned up properly and promptly.

  3. Dark edges

    if you have a light-coloured carpet you may notice the edges are darker, these are caused by airflow which carries and drops dirt along the walls.


How does deep carpet cleaning work?


There are a few methods for deep carpet cleaning, the method used will depend on the type of problem.  Your carpet cleaners may use one of these:

Steam cleaning – this method uses high-pressure hot water to remove the dirt from the carpet fibres.  It will typically involve using a cleansing agent on the carpet, once the carpet is cleaned it will be thoroughly rinsed and left to dry at room temperature.

Spot cleaning – for old or tough stains these will need some extra elbow grease.  In these cases, spot cleaning prior to a whole carpet clean will better reduce the appearance of stains, if not move them completely.


Dry carpet cleaning – sometimes called compound cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning uses dry chemical cleaning treatments.  This means there are no sticky soaps or detergents. A lot less water and a very short drying time.  The traditional carpet cleaning methods require enough ventilation to allow the carpet to dry.



As you can see there are lots of ways in which a deep carpet clean can benefit our homes and work spaces.

Here at XL Cleaners we can take care of your home and office carpet cleaning needs.  Your carpets are in trusted hands with us.


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