Commercial Carpet Cleaning, the top three benefits

There are many benefits to having your commercial carpets professionally cleaned and today we will talk about the top three benefits.

We understand in business saving money and protecting your investment is important, yet your flooring is often overlooked and is one of the biggest investments you make.

High-quality carpeting and flooring are not cheap.  The experts tell you the best way to protect your flooring is to use a professional carpet cleaning service.

Using a professional makes sense as they know how to properly care for your carpets and keep them looking like new throughout their lifetime.

In addition to this most manufacturers will want proof of maintenance and care before they honour a warranty. Using a professional carpet cleaning service can provide a record of maintenance for you.

Above all well-maintained carpets is a way to convey to your customers that you are a respectable and professional business who cares about the details.

Remember first impressions count and nothing tells customers to go away faster than filthy carpets.

So, here are the three main benefits to having your carpets and flooring professionally cleaned:

  1. Promotes a healthier work environment

Dirty carpets are bad for your health. Unfortunately, carpets and rugs are a breeding ground for all sorts of nasties including the following:

  • Mould
  • Dust
  • Allergens and bacteria
  • Dead skin cells
  • Food particles

All of this can cause serious health issues with breathing problems and allergies.  Regular vacuuming helps but it isn’t enough.

Regular professional cleaning is necessary if you want to make sure all these nasties are removed from your carpets, which in turn will make it a healthier indoor environment for both your employees and customers.

  1. Expert stain removal

No matter how careful you treat your flooring, accidents happen especially if you are in the food and drink industry.  Stains are a fact of life.

Tackling these stains can be frustrating and often unsuccessful, making the problem worse due to a lack of knowledge and having the right equipment.

Using a professional carpet cleaning service like ours is the best way to tackle stains, we have experienced cleaning technicians who know how to handle all manner of stains.

  1. Professionals clean during your downtime

A big benefit of using a professional carpet cleaning service is the fact that they clean during your downtime allowing you to continue business the next day without interruption.

Here at XL Cleaners, we use a truck mount unit, which ensures the job of cleaning your carpets is much faster leaving your carpets drier than a traditional professional cleaning service.


As well as having a professional carpet cleaning company look after the long-term care of your carpets you should also do the following:

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Put heavy-duty mats at all access points of your property
  • Clean spills as quickly as you can with a carpet safe spot cleaner.

Getting the professionals in will help to save you money not just by maintaining the life span of your investment but by safeguarding the health of everyone who enters the building.

Having a regular professional cleaning routine ensures your carpets last longer and fewer employee sick.