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This is one of the restaurants that we look after in China Town. We’ve been providing commercial carpet cleaning in Liverpool’s China City for close to 4 years now. Having cleaned the restaurant next door and the owner having seen the results we produced, he was keen to switch over to us.

We’ve been cleaning carpets like this for close to 20 years and have used every type of cleaning system around – from dry cleaning and encapsulation – and I haven’t found one of them can get close to the power of our truck-mount and it’s rinse capabilities.

professional commercial carpet cleaning in liverpoolMy aim, as always, is to removed ALL of the dirt, dust and soil. Sure, dry cleaning just gives a visual result and in certain commercial environments it suits its purpose, but it’s not really deep, thorough cleaning.

This carpet is a classic example of a restaurant: regular food and drink spillage, grease from the kitchen and walked in dirt in high traffic areas. Everything that makes for tough removal. I have always found that when cleaning any carpet, cleaning solution is the most important part of the clean! Get it wrong and it doesn’t matter how good your equipment is, you can over wet the carpet causing wick back taking what seems like forever to dry. Not to mention the carpet is out of use until dry!

To increase the power of the cleaning agents on this carpet we will always use mechanical agitation. By letting a rotary do the work, it enables the cleaning agent to suspend the soil and do its job. “I mean you wouldn’t go to the jet wash and just spray the cleaning agent on, then rinse it off, because the car would still be dirty, you’d use the brush and the agitation to cut through the dirt, not just rinse it.”

Once we’ve given the cleaning agent its dwell time, it’s time to start the truck-mount up, cleaning at full heat of 265f. This allows us to cut through the grime and dirt and produce these kind of results. It really is a pleasure to clean dirty things when we have the know how to produce amazing results.

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