Leaving heavy furniture on your carpet for long periods of time will leave dents in the carpet where the fibres have become compressed into the floor. Whilst this can be quite an annoying characteristic of carpet, it isn’t irreversible. There are things you can do to get the furniture dents out of a carpet. And, in future, there are things you can do to prevent the dents from occurring in the first place. The method you use to get the dents out of your carpet will depend n your carpet type…

How to get furniture dents out of synthetic carpet

Common synthetic carpet fibres include nylon, olefin, and polyester. If you’re attempting to remove dents from a carpet or rug that can be moved around, it may be a good idea to double check the material type on the label. If you have a wooden floor underneath an area rug, place something absorbent, such as a towel or cloth, underneath the area of the carpet/rug you’re treating. This will ensure the floor underneath isn’t damaged by any moisture.

  1. Once you’ve moved the furniture, place ice cubes on the dented areas of the carpet. Use as many cubes as you need to fill the dents completely.
  2. Leave the ice cubes in the carpet dents for at least a few hours, or overnight. This will allow the ice cubes to melt, leaving behind water for your carpet to absorb. The absorption of the water will allow the carpet’s fibres to swell back into their original form.
  3. Blot the damp areas dry. They should be no wetter than slightly damp. If you placed a towel or cloth underneath your carpet/area rug, this is a good time to remove it.
  4. Now’s the time to take advantage or your re-plumped carpet. Using something tough like a coin or a strong piece of cutlery, rub the dented areas of the carpet back and forth in a scratching motion. A carpet brush or rake would work well here if you have one handy.

This simple step by step process should leave your synthetic carpets dent-free in just one process. However, if the dents in your carpet are particularly stubborn, repeat the process until you’re happy with the results.

how to get furniture dents out of carpet

How to get furniture dents out of natural fibre carpet

Dents in natural fibre carpets – such as wool,┬ásisal, cotton, seagrass, jute, silk or coir – are best removed with steam. So, if your carpet is made of natural fibre, the following method will produce the best results for you.

  1. If possible, lift up your carpet and place a towel or cloth underneath the area you’ll be treating. This will stop the steam from damaging your hard flooring.
  2. Heat up your iron to full heat and hold 4 to 6 inches above the carpet dent. Release a consistent flow of steam onto the dent until it is wet and heated.
  3. If the dent remains stubborn, place a cloth or towel on top of the dent and apply the iron directly on top.
  4. Dry the carpet fibres using a towel or kitchen roll, then continue to rub or scratch the dent with your finger, or a hard object, such as a coin or item of cutlery.

How to prevent future furniture dents in your carpets

To save you the trouble of having to do this on a regular basis, there are things you can do to prevent furniture ents form appearing in your carpet in future:

  1. Invest in carpet pads. Carpets pads don’t just make your carpet more comfortable to walk on. They also protect it from dents caused by furniture and other heavy items by absorbing the weight.
  2. Move your furniture regularly. Whilst your furniture will still leave dents after just a short amount of time, the dents will not be permanent, and the carpet will quickly re-plump itself back to its original form.
  3. Use gliders or furniture cups. These gliders are very effective at balancing out the weight from your furniture and reducing the chances of it leaving dents in your carpet.

hot to remove dents from carpet

If all else fails, hire a professional carpet cleaner

If the dents in your carpet just aren’t budging, it may be time to hire a professional carpet cleaner. If you’re based in Liverpool, get in touch with XL Cleaners today to find out more about what we can do for you. We’ve been providing professional carpet cleaning in Liverpool and surrounding ares since 2001, and we’re trusted locally by both homeowners and businesses. Call directly on the number above or send us a message via our contact form and we will get right back to you!