Seen as the humble vacuum cleaner is the main tool used for keeping our carpets and rugs clean in the home, we thought we would share some of our top tips on how to keep your vacuum cleaner in tip-top condition.

Here goes:

   1. Replace the bag

This seems obvious but one of the biggest mistakes people make is forgetting to replace the bag. This must be done on a regular basis, not just when the bag is 100% full.  Vacuum cleaners work best when the bag is up to about two-thirds of its maximum capacity.  If you leave changing the bag for too long, and the bag is packed full to the brim all you will end up doing is sending dust and dirt particles back into the room. This defeats the object of vacuuming.  Therefore, stay on top of replacing the vacuum cleaning bag, not does this ensure your room is thoroughly cleaned but it also ensures your vacuum cleaner is working well every time.

    2. Attach the bag correctly

This brings us to the matter of attaching the bag itself. It may seem simple enough, but you need to be careful about it.  Different brands have a different approach so you could end up fitting the bag incorrectly if you are careless about it.  The opening of the bag should always be secured correctly to the nozzle, making sure all the clips are attached as well.  If you don’t do this properly you will end up with debris inside the vacuum cleaner, which in turn could cause damage to the vacuum cleaner itself or at the very least affect the machine’s performance.

   3. Empty bagless vacuum cleaners often

Just as you need to empty the vacuum bag regularly you also need to keep a close eye on the canister that bagless vacuum cleaners collect debris in. To make sure the vacuum cleaner performs at its best when it’s in use, we would recommend emptying it after every use so it’s fresh and ready to be used again the next time you vacuum.

 4. Brush rolls

These are often overlooked but can get all sorts of debris tangled in them from hair to bits of random cotton and carpet threads. To keep the brush roll working efficiently so it collects all the dirt and debris make sure you de-tangle the brush roll on a regular basis.

 5. Filters and hoses

Most vacuum cleaners have a filter inside which will collect particles escaping from the bag or canister. To keep the filter working properly,  clean and replace the filter periodically.  When it comes to the hose the main issue is with large objects which get picked up and then stuck.  Check for any obstructions on a regular basis and this will help keep your vacuum cleaner working to a high standard.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our tip tops on how to keep your vacuum cleaner in tip-top condition and don’t forget to check out our other blog posts for more advice and tips from us here at XL Cleaners

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