There are plenty of common myths and mistakes made when it comes to carpet cleaning.  From wet carpets take ages to dry to woolen carpets shrink when cleaned.

Today we are going to talk about some of the most common myths and mistakes of the carpet cleaning world to help remove the fact from the fiction so you can take better care of your carpets.

MTYH: Carpets take days to dry after cleaning

This myth is true to some extent, as carpets can take days to dry but only if they are not cleaned properly. If you are using a professional cleaning service and your carpets need 24 hours to dry, then the carpet cleaning company you are hiring is most likely using too much moisture.

The majority of carpets should be completely dry within 30 minutes to a few hours of being cleaned.


MISTAKE: Hiring a cleaner based on price alone

Carpet cleaning isn’t overly expensive, but many people are still tempted to shop around for the cheapest price hoping to get a bargain.

Unfortunately using a cheaper carpet cleaning company could give you more than you bargained for and cause even more damage to your carpets.

Carpets are an expensive item, those companies that are cheaper are often not as experienced as they appear to be or use too much soap or water to clean your carpets,  some not even soap at all and just a conditioner, causing lasting damage to its fibers.

The cheaper companies rarely tell their customers what products they use and are not always upfront about the type of equipment they are using too.

When it comes to choosing a carpet cleaner always look at the reviews from their customers and ask them what products and equipment they are using and what the benefits of those are.

Here at XL Cleaners of Liverpool, we pride ourselves on telling our customers exactly what we use and how we use it, giving our customers 100% assurance that they are getting the best.


MTYH: Bleach will clean anything

Bleach may seem like the go-to all-purpose cleaner but using bleach to clean your carpet can cause some serious damage to the carpet’s fibers.

Technically speaking bleach is not a cleaning agent, it is a disinfectant, that is effective at killing bacteria and removing some stains. It isn’t actually capable of removing dirt or oils from your carpet.

It may seem like the quickest and easiest way to clean your carpet, but it will cause more harm than good.

The best thing to do is to call a professional company and leave the bleach alone, safely behind your cleaning cupboard doors.


MISTAKE: Tackling a bad stain on your own

You’ve spilled red wine or tomato sauce on your carpet and you panic.  Its tempting to pull out all the serious chemicals you have in the cleaning cupboard and scrub scrub scrub until the stain has gone.  Only to find the stain hasn’t gone at all, it’s in fact getting bigger.

The more soap and water you throw at the stain the worse the stain will be, becoming embedded into the fibers of the carpet. The best thing to do is to leave well alone and call in the professionals to remove a bad stain for you.

If you do fancy tackling a more manageable stain yourself, then check out our latest blog on this subject to help you clean it the right way.


MYTH:  cleaning your carpets damages the fabric

Here is another myth that seems to still be circulating.  Just like our clothing is designed to withstand being washed after a day or two of use, our carpets are designed to withstand cleaning.

Cleaning your carpets does not cause your carpet to age prematurely by damaging the fabric. We agree that using powerful chemicals to clean your carpets and overdoing the scrubbing will possibly cause damage, however regular professional carpet cleaning in fact extends the lifespan of your carpets by removing ground in dirt and other debris that causes your carpets to wear over time.


So, there you have it, some common myths and mistakes have been busted. Hopefully you will have enjoyed this little read and next time you are looking to have your carpets cleaned professionally or you are attempting a small stain on your own, you will feel  more confident in doing so,


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