Having invested in luxury hard flooring in your home or commercial premises, you now want to protect your investment by effectively cleaning it without causing any damage.

Many people assume that keeping a luxury hard floor clean and sparkling is easy, that it can withstand vigorous scrubbing, but this is not always the case.  Some hard floors require special attention when cleaning.

For instance, you could end up leaving unsightly markings on them, using the wrong chemicals, which can cause damage to the flooring itself. For these reasons we would always recommend using a professional hard floor cleaning specialist like ourselves at XL Cleaners, who are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to looking after luxury hard floorings such as Karndean and Amtico.

Here are the key benefits of using a professional hard floor cleaning specialist:

  1. The flooring will last longer

Even though hard floors are tough and durable, they can still be subject to damage.  This can happen if you clean too vigorously or use the wrong cleaning detergent.  The chances are high that you may end up using the wrong cleaning products and damaging your hard flooring.

When hiring a professional luxury hard floor cleaning specialist, we know the right techniques and products to use and avoid damaging your luxury hard floors.  Therefore, your luxury hard flooring will last longer and stay in tip-top condition than if you chose to do this yourself.

You may have the cost of hiring a professional, but this cost will be considerably smaller compared to what it could cost you to repair or replace a damaged hard floor.

  1. Your floors will be clean

Some people may think that cleaning luxury hard flooring is easy and a waste of money to hire a professional hard floor cleaning specialist.

Of course, you can clean your luxury hard flooring yourself and the results will be satisfactory but, they cannot be as clean as when they are done by a professional hard floor cleaning specialist.

Many people when cleaning their luxury hard floor themselves, feel disappointment as the flooring is still dull and has some patches of dirt or it looks worse than it did before.

This is because people who are not professional cleaners don’t know the right techniques or products to use.  A professional hard floor cleaning specialist has the right skills and knowledge along with the right techniques and equipment to ensure that your luxury hard floors are deeply cleaned, elegant, and a luxury hard floor to be proud of.

  1. Saves you time

Cleaning your luxury hard floors can be very time-consuming, especially if you have a big area to clean.  It becomes even more time-consuming when you add small children and pets into the mix that causes dirt and spills daily.

We all would rather be doing other things and have other responsibilities that need our attention.  The lack of time can often mean the cleaning of your hard floors is done in a hurry and is never given the real attention it needs.

Hiring a professional hard floor cleaning specialist like XL Cleaners will give you more free time to do the things you enjoy.  It is always better to hire a professional to work on your soiled hard floor surfaces than to spend many a thankless hour cleaning it and still not achieving the desired results.

  1. Your floors are in safe hands

Finally, when you hire a professional cleaning specialist like us you can be assured that we will use the right techniques and products when cleaning your luxury hard floors, we use the best quality coatings and finishes on your hard floors to make sure they are not just cleaned properly but are protected too.


It is clear to see that having invested money into your luxury hard floors it makes sense to keep on investing and hire a professional hard floor cleaning specialist to keep your luxury hard floors really clean and looking their absolute best.

Here at XL Cleaners of Liverpool, we will ensure your luxury hard floors are cleaned and cared for to the highest of standards. In addition, we only use products that are safe for both pets and children

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