Why you should invest in carpet protectants before Christmas

Christmas is upon us and we are always told that it is the most wonderful time of the year…it’s not so wonderful for our carpets though! Glasses of wine being poured and spilled (which we have some handy tips to deal with HERE on our blog), high foot traffic from visitors and family members, wrapping paper is strewn about the living room, not to mention the tree that has lived in a dusty attic or cupboard all year…

There’s nothing better than a fresh, clean carpet and the peace of mind that it is protected against spills and stains over Christmas. Plastic sheet covers do the job, but they can be unsightly, especially with all of your lovely Christmas decorations.

Carpet protectants are another option, but are they worth it?

So how do carpet protectants work?

Carpet protectants work by lowering the surface tension of the fibres, essentially creating a protective barrier on the fibres of the carpet.

Now we don’t want to mislead you, carpet protectants do not work miracles and keep your carpet 100% mess-free, but they do give you more time to clean up any spillages before they seep into the fibres and form stains.

Carpet protectants also repel dry soils such as dust, dirt, and debris from clinging to the fibres of the carpet. Vacuuming is more effective as the dirt cannot settle deep into the carpet’s fibres and has nothing to stick to.

The carpet should always be deep cleaned before the application of any protectants for the most effective results. The protectant will need to be reapplied a couple of times per year and it must be reapplied after every deep or professionally clean.

Be cautious that if a protectant is applied over existing dirt and dust, it could make the situation worse as dirt will be trapped between the fibres and the layer of protectant, this would make your carpets much more difficult to clean.

When applying a protectant by yourself, you should always remember to groom your carpets during the application. Spraying a carpet protectant on the top layer of your carpet and leaving it to dry will not offer your carpets any protection from spills or dirt. The product should be sprayed on and worked into the fibres with a brush to ensure complete and even coverage all over the carpet, offering maximum protection.

What are the benefits?

  • Vacuuming is much easier when your carpet has been coated with a protectant as dirt and dust are unable to stick to the fibres. This means that the dirt gets sucked up by the vacuum much easier and quicker as the dirt will not be embedded into the carpet fibres, and there will be less chance of any debris being left behind.
  • A cleaner carpet means a healthier home. With carpet protectant making the removal of dust and dirt easier, the carpets in your home will be more hygienic. Less dirt in the carpets also means less dirt being kicked into the air, which means that the air in your home will be much healthier as well.
  • Carpet protectants make professional deep cleaning much easier as there will be fewer stains and dirt to contend with. Professional carpet cleaners will also reapply the protectant when they have finished the job to keep your carpets spic and span for as long as possible.
  • Having a protectant applied to your carpet makes day-to-day maintenance much easier as it makes cleaning the carpets and vacuuming quicker.
  • Protectants also make cleaning any spilled liquids an easier job. The protectant gives the carpet an almost waterproof effect for a few seconds, allowing you vital extra time to grab a cloth and dab up the spillage before too much liquid seeps into the carpet which makes it easier to clean the mess and prevent stains from forming.
  • Carpet protectants can lengthen the lifespan of your carpet when used properly. With fewer stains, dirt, and dust on your carpet, it will stay fresh and clean for much longer.


So, in a few short words, YES carpet protectants are worth it. They make cleaning and maintenance of your carpets easier;  they make your home healthier, and they give you the peace of mind that your carpet is protected against spills and stains over the holiday season and the year ahead.

Carpet protectants are available to buy online or from most supermarkets, such as leading brand Scotchgard Rug & Carpet Protector, though we do recommend getting your carpet professionally cleaned and having your expert apply a protectant for the very best results.

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