Stain Removal Guide

Accidents will happen. If something gets spilled on your carpet, take prompt action to prevent staining. You will some clean white absorbent cloth, or tissue, and four basic solutions listed below. (please check that your carpet is colourfast, and safe to clean, by testing all solutions in an inconspicuous area before application).

Dry Cleaning Solution – Surgical Spirit

Detergent Solution – One teaspoonful of gentle detergent for washing woollens to half a pint (0.75 litres) of warm water.

Detergent and Vinegar Solution – Add one tablespoonful of white (not malt) vinegar to the Detergent Solution.

Ammonia Solution – One teaspoonful of branded household ammonia (available from local stores), to one cup of warm water.

How To Tackle Stains

Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, Liquid Foods and Urine. Blot up surplus spillage. Use Detergent Vinegar Solution. Work from the outer edge of the stains inwards, using a little at a time, blotting up with dry cloths frequently. See below for final rinse procedure.

Chocolate, Sweets, Blood, Glue, Egg, Ice Cream, Milk, Soft Drinks and Vomit. Scrape up excess with a blunt knife. Use a Detergent Solution starting at the outer edge. Blot dry. Follow up with Ammonia Solution. Blot dry. See below for final rinse procedure.

Solids, Fats, Tar, Chewing Gum, Oil, Ointment and Shoe Polish. Scrape up excess with a blunt knife. Use a dry cleaning solution followed by Detergent and Vinegar. Blot dry. See below for final rinse procedure.

Unknown stains. Scrape up or blot surplus spillage. Use a dry cleaning solvent followed by clean luke warm water. Blot dry. See below for final rinse procedure.

Final Rinse Procedure

This rinse procedure is applicable to all above methods of stain removal. Simply mix one part white vinegar and four parts water. Pour mixture into a spray bottle and spray over stayed area. Blot dampened area (do not rub) to remove excess moisture. Sprayed white kitchen towel (stacked 6-8 sheets deep) over the affected area and place a weight, such as a book, directly on top. This will help moisture residue to soak into the towels. Leave overnight and repeat if necessary.

Remember Act Quickly:

Scrape up solids. Blot liquids, taking plenty of time. It’s worth the effort. Mix the solution accurately. Test it on an out-of-the-way piece of carpet. Always work from the outer edge of the stain to the centre. NEVER OVER WET. Dab rather than scrub or rub hard. Even though you may not completely remove the stain, following the correct routine will give your professional cleaner, when called in, the best chance of success.

NOTE Some new carpets have been subjected to anti-static and soil-resistant treatments. Even when these have been applied, it’s wise to the stain removal procedures suggested.

Q When carpets are flooded due to burst pipes, washing machine or radiator problems. What should you do?

A Take a deep breath, keep calm and phone us for advise.

Q What is the main benefit of using a member of the NCCA?

A NCCA members are fully trained and insured for the work they carry out. They are members of the only National Trade Association dedicated to carpet and upholstery cleaning. A careful inspection of your carpet and upholstery so that the operator will be aware of the nature of dyes and the type of fibre and construction. Then the security of the fixing of the carpet at its edges and the condition of the seams will be inspected. In the case of upholstery, a check on braids and other trimmings will be made so that you may have every confidence that your valuable carpets and furnishings will be cleaned and cared for in the most professional manner.

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