Protecting Your Carpets in Summer: How to Keep Them Clean

It’s that time of year again and summer has finally rolled around. Barbecues, beach days, kids playing out and plenty of dog walking. We all enjoy a bit of fun in the sun – our carpets? Not so much!

They have to fight off dust, dirt, grime and sneaky houseguests like bacteria. Summer is also prime time for mould growth in carpets!

So how do you keep your carpets clean and protected in summer?

1. Vacuum regularly

It goes without saying that vacuuming your carpets frequently is a must in order to keep them clean.

In summertime we spend a lot of time outside which gives dust, dirt and micro-organisms the perfect opportunity to sneak into the home on the bottom of our shoes. Having windows open has the same effect – dust and dirt in the air can blow through into the home and settle in the carpets.

Vacuuming removes any dust, dirt or debris from the base of the carpet – and doing so regularly ensures that dirt does not have the chance to stick to the fibres. Removing dust and dirt is vital to preventing mould growth.

A regular vacuum schedule also protects the health of household members, particularly people with asthma or other breathing related health issues.

2. Use doormats, rugs and runners

This one seems simple, I know! We drag all sorts in on the bottom of our shoes – mud, dust, freshly cut grass.

The easiest way to protect your carpets from unsightly marks and unwanted guests is to use a doormat. Wiping our feet and taking off our shoes means that nothing is being pulled through the house. Using rugs and runners is a big help too – more of the carpet is covered and protected.

It is still important to keep the doormat clean too (Hint: Vacuum!!). In the long run though, it is much easier and cheaper to replace a doormat than it would be your entire carpet.

3. Deal with stains and spills ASAP

Dealing with spills is a pain at the best of times. In summer, the dogs track muddy paw prints through the house and kids are dropping their ice cream cones everywhere!

In order to keep your carpets clean and healthy, all types of spills and stains should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Food and drink stains are not only unsightly, they can foster mould growth very quickly, especially in such warm, humid weather. Mould can start to grow within 48 hours – the quicker a spill is cleaned up, the better!

Tip: When removing stains from carpet, blot the area with a mild solution instead of rubbing at it – rubbing may result in the stain spreading or penetrating further into the carpet

4. Limit sun exposure

We all like to have open curtains and windows in summer for a bit of natural light and a breeze. It makes the room feel fresh and bright – but did you know that the sun is slowly damaging your carpet?

Prolonged or frequent exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause discolouration and fading. Carpet fibres exposed to sunlight can also lose their integrity – making the carpet brittle and stiff underfoot. It can also cause areas of the carpet to warp and dry out.

5. Steam cleaning

Vacuuming is essential for clean carpets, but steam cleaning is the key to a healthy environment.

Vacuuming alone will remove most dirt and dust, but not all of it. Steam penetrates deep into the carpet fibres and disinfects the area – killing any micro-organisms and preventing mould growth.

Steam cleaning leaves a fresh, clean, hygienic carpet behind that both smells and feels good! You can read more about the benefits of steam cleaning here on our blog!

6. Call for backup when you need it

There are plenty of ways you can clean and protect your carpets at home, but you should always call a professional carpet cleaner when you need one.

We recommend a professional cleaning service at least once per year to keep your carpets at their best. A professional can quickly deal with larger stains and marks. They can also safely eradicate mould from carpets, and sometimes restore colour to faded areas.


You shouldn’t have to worry about your carpets in summertime. You want to be out enjoying the sunshine and having a good time, before the sun disappears and the winter nights close in.

Get your carpets professionally cleaned so you can enjoy the summer months – indoors and out.

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