Vacuum cleaners have been one of our handiest cleaning tools since the early 1900s. We take them out of the cupboard, run them over the carpets and put them away again, feeling pleased with ourselves for being productive and completing a chore for the day.

They are effective at removing dirt and dust from our carpets when kept in good condition (find some handy advice on how to keep your vac in top shape HERE on our blog),  but when it comes to a deep clean they can’t manage the job alone.

A steam cleaner is a quick, effective, eco-friendly way of deep cleaning your carpets and here is why you should invest in one for your home.

So, what are the benefits of a steam cleaner as opposed to vacuuming alone?

Steam cleaners use hot water with temperatures as high as 100-160 degrees Celsius, killing 99.9% of bacteria including mould, salmonella, and E.coli.

  • Vacuum cleaners are great for their purpose of removing only surface-level dirt and dust in your carpet, but their biggest downfall is just that, they only remove surface-level dirt and debris. Even the high-end vacuums don’t penetrate deep enough into the carpet’s fibres to effectively remove dirt and bacteria.
  • The most effective way to clean your carpets at home would be to vacuum first to remove all of the larger surface level dirt, and then use a steam cleaner to target the deepest layers of your carpet – leaving dirt and grime nowhere to hide.
  • Steam cleaners don’t just remove dirt and dust, they also use temperatures high enough to remove dust mites and other allergens from the base layer of your carpets. Dust mites can negatively impact the health of people living with asthma and breathing-related problems. Killing these allergens hiding in those deep fibres will make the carpets and the air in your home healthier
  • Unlike carpet shampoos and some carpet cleaning products on the market, there’s no residue or moisture left behind from a steam cleaner. Sticky residues and moisture in your carpet is the perfect combination for mould growth and dust sticking to the fibres, whereas a steam cleaner leaves the carpets clean and dry.
  • Just as the high temperature of steam cleaners kills dust mites, it also kills fleas, their eggs and similar microbes in the home. Getting rid of those pesky house guests will improve the health and happiness of all your family members, including the pets!
  • Steam cleaning ensures a deep clean every time and leaves your carpets smelling fresh. By effectively removing hidden dirt and dust that would usually be kicked into the air with foot traffic, steam cleaning also improves the air quality and general freshness of the home.

Steam cleaners can be very versatile and be useful in other areas of your home too, not just on the carpets. Steam can be used on mattresses to remove dust and dead skin cells, it can also kill bed bugs and dust mites which makes your sleep healthier. Steam cleaners can also be used on upholstered furniture like your sofa and chairs, and even the curtains too.


For the very best results in cleaning and maintaining your carpets or upholstery at home, we recommend vacuuming your carpets daily and using a steam cleaner every 1-3 months. Homeowners with pets or family members with asthma may want to deep clean the carpets with steam more regularly.

Deep cleaning your carpets with steam will improve your daily life, but we always recommend a professional deep clean service like XL Cleaners every 6 – 12 months for happier, healthier carpets.

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