How to maintain your carpets after a professional cleaning

 You’ve had your carpets professionally cleaned, so now what?   It’s important to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets up until your next scheduled clean.

Not only will this benefit your health and indoor air quality, but it will also extend the life of your carpet.

Here at XL Cleaners, we want you to get the most out  of our services and have put together some handy tips below to help you keep your carpets clean until you have them professionally cleaned again:

Wait before moving furniture back into place

Keep off the carpet for as long as you can until it’s completely dry, as tempting as it may be, don’t put your furniture back until the carpet is fully dry.

Moving furniture onto a wet carpet can cause the carpet longer to dry, dents in the fibres and may cause colour transfer onto the carpet, soiling it all over again.

Clean spills and stains straightaway

Always clean spills and stains up as soon as they happen.  The longer a spill is left on your carpet, the harder it is to remove.  It’s also important to use a natural cleaner rather than using harsh chemicals.

Make sure you blot the spills rather than rubbing as this will soak up the spill and rubbing will just spread it about causing it to soak into the carpets.

Vacuum regularly

Do you vacuum only where the carpet looks like it needs vacuuming? To keep your carpet cleaner for longer after a professional carpet clean, vacuum regularly whether you think it needs it or not. Make sure you move furniture out of the way and get into all the nooks and crevices, making use of all those vacuum tools.  Vacuuming on a regular basis also helps remove allergens and other pollutants carried inside from the outdoors.

Remove your shoes

Shoes carry bacteria into the home.  If you take off your shoes as soon as you enter your home, you can stop the spread of these bacteria, allergens and other contaminants on the carpet.

Use doormats

Using doormats helps with reducing the amount of dirt and bacteria that your guests bring onto your carpet, ask all guests to wipe their shoes on the doormats before entering your home, or better still ask them to remove their shoes.

Rotate furniture

Having a move around of furniture every few months creates new traffic areas.  When your furniture sits in the same place for years, you will continue to walk in the same areas, which causes this area to look dingy and the fibres will wear away more quickly than the rest of your carpet.  Also, a good move about of the furniture gives our homes a little boost from time to time.

Apply a carpet protectant

One of the best ways to prevent soiling and extend the life of your carpet is to have a carpet protectant applied after having it professionally cleaned.  A carpet protectant works to repel spills and dirt from penetrating the fibres.  It’s important to have the protectant renewed yearly as it wears over time, especially in high traffic areas of your home.


Hopefully, we have given you some helpful easy to follow tips on how to maintain your carpets until your next professional clean.

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